About Us

KLIMAIR Company, Ltd. It founded in 1991 focusing on the production and installation of filters for air conditioning and ventilation systems of buildings, including commercial activities. Since its inception, the company went through a healthy development and developed in accordance with their achieved results. Gradually gaining more customers who could appreciate the particular quality of the supplied filters and flexibility in processing orders. She has also earned customers who over longer periods properly evaluated also the economic benefits of using quality filters manufactured by KLIMAIR. Several years, the company managed to sell particular bag filters are demanding western market. Currently it is about 60% of total production that is exported abroad.

Responsible employees of the company constantly monitor the latest trends and technologies in the field of filtration of atmospheric air and ensure a steady flow of information for workers in production. Great importance is attached to environmental aspects. The filters are currently manufactured in all-combustible execution means. in frames made of plastic or wood. This eliminates the annoying sort materials at the disposal of used filters. Currently the company is trying to further progressive improvement of product options with evidence on ecologically beneficial effect when using filters firm KLIMAIR.

Production and all activity in the company is controlled by a system certified to EN 9001: 2001 since 2003.

Currently according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2009, which is regularly monitored, including recertification.